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Advanced Engineering Plastics

Advanced Engineering Plastics

  • Injection Molded Solutions

     Function Critical Parts and Assemblies


    Quadrant CMS’ business is built on the supply of thermoplastic injection molded parts to the manufacturers of function critical systems. Such systems have:

    o    a highly complex interface with the rest of the end-product

    o    a strong influence on user-perception with regard to the component’s functionality

    This is best illustrated by applications from the automotive, medical and electrical &electronics industries, such as airbag housings, safety belts, blood sample analysis cuvettes, pregnancy test devices, power tool covers, although examples can also be found in other markets where QCMS is active. 

    As a consequence of the component’s critical nature, close collaboration between manufacturer and supplier is required, with early integration of QCMS in the development and production process.


    ·         History

    Over 80 years experience of injection moulding

    QCMS was originally founded in Tielt, Belgium, in 1933 as a private family-owned business under the name of ERTA N.V. Since its foundation, its core activity has been the injection molding of high-performance plastics, with an emphasis on close customer involvement.

    In 1973, the company became part of DSM’s Engineering Plastic Products (EPP) business, which in turn was acquired by the Quadrant Group on 1st January 2001. The Quadrant Group is a global leader in high-performance polymer materials in the form of (semi)finished products, used in a wide range of applications. The Group operates more than 25 production sites in 20 countries and has more than 2,000 employees worldwide.

    QCMS maintains the customer-driven philosophy of its founding years, and supplies parts and components to world-class manufacturers of critical systems in the automotive, mechanical, electrical & electronic and medical device markets.

    Since 2004, QCMS has responded to the drift of its customers towards Central and Eastern Europe by establishing production facilities in Hungary. The company currently employs over 200 people at its sites in Tielt, Belgium, and Szigetszentmiklos (Budapest), Hungary.

  • Production Facilities

    Locations: Tielt, Belgium, and Szigetszentmiklós (Budapest), Hungary

    Production area Belgium: 16,600 m2 (approx. 168,000 ft2) encompassing CAD, mold-making, tool repair and maintenance, prototyping, injection-molding, testing, secondary operations (assembly, printing, painting and sterilising), logistics and shipping.

    Production area Hungary: 4,500 m2 (approx. 49,000 ft2) encompassing injection-molding, tool repair and maintenance, testing, secondary operations, conditioning, logistics and shipping.

    Machinery: Close to 100 injection molding machines with clamping forces from 30 to 420 metric tons, including several 2- and 3- component molding machines, ranging from 150 tons to 450 tons. In addition the sites are equipped with fully automated assembly robots for maximum quality and consistency.

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Working Together




Quality, Environment & Suppliers

QCMS' views ISO and other certifications of quality as management tools, providing its customers with recognizable reference points and procedures for cooperation.

In addition to its ISO 16949-2002 and ISO 14001, Quadrant CMS complies to the GMP and HACCP regulations.

To download CMS' quality certificates please click on the appropriate link below.

Advanced 160 - 220 °C
advanced engineering plastics resistant to temperatures of 160 - 220 ° C are imported from the EPP Quadrant and distributed in Vietnam by Hamakyu Co., Ltd.
Lining Materials
Throughout the industries, Quadrant lining materials are used along the entire value chain, for transport, conversion processes of all thinkable nature, and for the recycling of valuable materials and energy. Quadrant offers lining solutions to make your processes faster, easier, safer and more efficient and helps you to be the leading company in the market.