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RA - Helical worm gears

Varvel's high quality worm gear motors, made in cast aluminium and cast iron in 6 different series, combine innovative design and high performance. From the models that power applications with medium and fractional power to similar solutions (RS / RS and RT / RT) with double worm. See our complete range of speed reducer and industrial motor worm gearboxes and find the most suitable for your needs.
  • Main use: helical worm gear for general purpose, medium and fractional power drives; reduction ratios and efficiencies higher than similar drives obtained with two-stage worm/wheel units.
  • Range: 9 sizes; housings and covers of aluminium die cast up to size 85, of cast iron from size 110; single helical stage & worm/wheel units; ratios up to i=800.

Nm 280-2860 
 kW  0.18-4
 i  25-800